Omkar kriya

Omkar Kriya

Kriya Yoga is a sacred system of advanced yogic techniques handed down from Guru to disciple throughout the ages. The grand lineage of Kriya masters trace themselves back to Adi Nath, founder of the Nath tradition. Today it is practiced by people all over the world. I in turn am authorized by Yogiraj to teach and give the sacred initiation on his behalf. As part of my Level 2 Workshopthese four Kriya Yoga techniques are given:. Shiva-Shakti Pranayama — the core Kriya Yoga technique utilizes slow and deep breathing with awareness in the spine. The cells of the body become full of oxygen and the surplus is converted to life-force energy prana. This prana magnetizes the central astral channel in the spine sushumna nadi automatically bringing about deep internalization and sense-withdrawal pratyahara. The extra oxygen also de-carbonizes the blood, reduces bodily decay and decreases the workload on the heart and lungs. The entire nervous system is calmed and rejuvenated. Maha Mudra seals the prana generated during the Shiva-Shakti Pranayama and directs it to the proper areas within the body. It also has the effect of balancing the ida and pingala nadis which in turn balance the left and right brains. Maha Mudra gradually and safely assists in unlocking the latent power of Kundalini. Omkar Kriya — a technique of attuning yourself to the cosmic hum of creation known as Omkar. Om or AUM is considered the sacred syllable in ancient India representing the sound of the cosmos from birth to preservation and dissolution. This sound can be meditated upon within the body. The Omkar Kriya uses the sound of Om to awaken and purify each chakra, tuning ourselves like an instrument. Paravasta — this technique gives the opportunity to absorb the peace generated as an effect of the former Kriyas actions and reap the fruit of the efforts sown. The sushumna nadi is the the highway to the Soul which contains all the major astral chakras. Kriya Yoga helps clear the path of obstructions and assists in transforming life-force energy into Kundalini to activate the chakras and experience expanded states of awareness. The sushumna is the path. This is the inner ascent. Skip to content A Brief History Kriya Yoga is a sacred system of advanced yogic techniques handed down from Guru to disciple throughout the ages. In Sum The sushumna nadi is the the highway to the Soul which contains all the major astral chakras.


Om is the sacred sound of creation, preservation and dissolution. The Omkar is the sound of the instant creation—and it is this Omkar technique, which I am going to teach you and initiate you into as the first Omkar Kriya. In the Christian world, they call it the great Amen! When the Great Deep, the great primordial energy called the mool prakriti or the paraprakriti amba. The primordial energy gives birth to creation. Many of you, if you go to the computer, you will see that NASA has given a certain sound. So, I am bringing this before you, because I am not teaching you any faith. I am teaching you yourself, the source from where you originated—the source in which you live and move and have your being—and the source to which you shall return, is the great sound called the OMKAR. In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and God was the word. So even in the ancient texts and scriptures they give you the importance of the sound of Omkar. In the beginning of time there was neither causation in space, nor time. The laws of physics did not hold good, all was the great unfathomable deep. They had asked me in the beginning, what is the symbology of Ganesh and Kartikye? And when I was in the himalayas at Guptkashi, facing the Kedarnath mountains, this is the thing I wrote down, that Ganesh is the…when these two children explode from the womb of their Mother, that is the paraprakriti Amba, that is Ambika, Amba means the great unfathomable deep; when they explode, the outer-going centrifugal force represents Ganesh. And Kartikye who rounded up the whole creation by going on his peacock, he encircled the whole creation. Ganesh spun around himself and created waves which went outwards. Kartikye went to the outer-most-far limits of the mind and matter of the universe and created a vortex, which brought back the ripples to the center. So Ganesh is the centrifugal force of the creation and Kartikye is the centripetal Force of the creation. He created his body as a laboratory, his breath, his rational mind and his intuitive mind as lab assistance and worked upon the laboratory of his own body to discover that behold, there is a divine indweller in it. There is God within me. This is how valuable Kriya Yoga is. You are divine! You are not a corruptible body, but a divine soul. The ancient rishis and the Sages of the Fire Mist proclaimed that just like there is tinder in the fire, you rub the tinder and the fire manifests—there is oil in the seed, you squeeze the seed, the oil manifests—there is butter in the milk, you churn the milk, and the butter manifests—so also, there is God in the man, you breathe the man, and God manifests. And this breathing process is called the divine Kriya Yoga, which is very scientific, yet has its rootd in the soils of love, without which the science part of it cannot flower.

Kriya Yoga

Discovery of all the mysteries of the heart is not limited to the sentimental memories, stored there. This Kriya will be given after yogic experience of the suspended animation. Because only after experience of Samadhi one can realize an exact moment of Death; he will be able to recognize the point or the boundary between the Life and the Death. You will have to travel through fascinating and dangerous experience of meeting, facing and knowing the Death itself and than travel back to Life. You will carefully open this door and peek inside without entering; after observing what lays beyond it, the door must be carefully closed so you can return back to Life. It is a pretty dangerous Kriya, the yogi should be well prepared to tolerate this experience. Even slight mistake will lead to the collapse of entire nervous system and will shot down the body. Samadhi, as an experience of death, leads to the opening of the subconscious mind opens…. I will repeat again: when the subconscious mind is awaken, the new energy will be too overwhelming for the unprepared physical body to tolerate. One has to be ready to withstand such experience and to come back from it. Omkar Kriya teaching is given after the sadhak masters Samadhi. The point and reason of your origin and possibilities of your future development, all these answers will come in Samadhi. Focus your mind, concentrate it between your eyebrows — and start the journey. There will be no one to come back. We are dealing with the Life Force itself while exploring the kingdom of Death. Although this realm called differently there. This transference of the consciousness by the means of Omkar Kriya is just a new beginning. Repeated 3 times in each chakra for the duration of one inhalation and totaling in 20 pranayama, Omkar Kriya signifies the yogic power of transference of the spirit. Here is a question: how is it possible to repeat Omkar in one inhalation 3, times in each chakra? A: This calculation is done based on the proportions of the Shvasahita pranayama, a technique of the Kriya yoga, which all of you are successfully practicing already. It means that one Omkar kriya has the same power as a practice of 20, Shvasahita pranayama. Q: How come? Given numbers of the pranayama in each chakra should result in several hours of the practice? How is it possible to repeat so many inhales in all chakras? A: It is the potency and the power of this technique. By the time of learning and performing Omkar kriya a yogi had been in the numerous Samadhis and mastered necessary skills and force for this vigorous performance. If something goes wrong in the process, it can be dangerous; you are touching the moment of Death itself — and coming back again and again. Remember, this technique is learned and practiced during your lifetime so the threshold of death could be easily crossed at will. When you take a firm and irreversible decision to leave the body. I will give a simple example, based on the power-lifting sport: one guy is bench-pressing, say, 50 kgs. In one repetition. Another accomplished sportsman is bench-pressing Kgs in one take. Ability to bench-press kg in one go will take a lot of preparation and training and strength. They do the same exercise, but their results will be different. The same is with this practice, which culminates in itself all the skills, acquired in the years of yogic preparation. Your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. October 27, October 27, Samadhi, as an experience of death, leads to the opening of the subconscious mind opens… I will repeat again: when the subconscious mind is awaken, the new energy will be too overwhelming for the unprepared physical body to tolerate.

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The Omkar Kriya

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